04/22 – 05/22 : Spring Storms With Hail the Size of Golf Balls Shake Up Arkansas

by | May 10, 2022 | Arkansas, Local News, Storm Damage


The springtime arrived in Arkansas with a bang. The state was shaken, rattled, and rolled by some intense weather conditions from the word go. In the first weeks of April, an EF-3 tornado ripped through several counties with wind speeds of 165mph, leaving destruction in its wake.

Hail the size of golf balls hurtled towards the Earth, smashing everything in its path. High winds swept up vehicles and rooftops and caused significant property damage. An uprooted tree crashed down on the home of an elderly Arkansas woman, causing her unfortunate death.

Most of the Midwest experienced some stormy weather conditions, with some mountain towns even receiving some snow. In the Texas town of Salado, more than 20 people were injured. Parts of Iowa and Minnesota were also affected by passing tornadoes.

Falling trees and severe winds are the leading roof damaging culprits during storms. A home near Lake Thunderbird suffered significant roofing damages as a large fallen tree struck their home. A family in the Jones Trailer Park saw the roof of their mobile house completely ripped apart.

At the start of May, another tornado threatened to strike parts of Southwest Arkansas as the storm clouds rolled in and the wind picked up. A tornado watch was issued for parts of Southwest Arkansas as strong supercells began to form over the area.

The heavens opened up over central Arkansas and delivered buckets of rain across the area. Parts of Northwest Arkansas saw up to 10 inches of rain. The intense showers posed a significant risk of flooding in the area. In Washington County, more than 30 water rescues had to be performed as residents were left stranded in flooded streets. In Jefferson County, several vehicles were submerged in water as the roads were awash.

Over 3000 Arkansas homes were left in the dark as the storm caused widespread power outages.

This past weekend, Central Arkansas was hit with yet another severe thunderstorm. In the week leading up to the storm, the area saw record-breaking heat and no precipitation, creating the perfect conditions for the storm to form.

The storm’s damaging winds left nearly 60,000 Arkansas homes without power, leaving them to survive the storm in total darkness. Several trees were downed and blocked roads, and another elderly woman in Arkansas had her home struck by a falling tree; she narrowly escaped the ordeal unscathed.

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