14 Commercial Roof FAQs

by | May 9, 2023 | Blog, Commercial Roofing, FAQ, Texarkana

Are you in need of commercial roofing solutions?

If you have questions about commercial roofing, we’ve got you covered. We’re going to address some frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision for your business.

What Are Some Common Commercial Roof Defects?

Sagging Roof

A sagging roof is often caused by water damage, poor structural design, and inadequate support.


When the slope of a roof is too shalley it can cause pooling which will lead to leaks and water damage.


Clogged and damaged gutters or downspouts will result in poor drainage which will lead to water damage. 

Answer To: What Are Common Roof Defects

What Are Some Common Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks?

Old Shingles

Shingles will crack, curl, and break because the oils in them dry out over time which can lead to leaking.  

Unsealed Valleys

Roof valleys are the areas where two sloped roofs meet.  Typically they assist in water runoff, but if they aren’t sealed properly, valleys can lead to leaks.


Roof vents are very important for the health of your roof, but damaged or improperly sealed vents can lead to leaking.

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Why Are Most Commercial Roofs Flat?


Flat roofs are generally cheaper to install because they require fewer materials and less labor.


Because they are very low slope, installation, maintenance, and repair are safer and easier on flat roofs.


Flat roofs create usable space for things like solar panels, rooftop gardens, and HVAC equipment.

Commercial Roofing FAQs: Why are most commercial roofs flat?

What is a Single-Ply Membrane Roof?

A single-ply membrane, as the name suggests, is a roofing system that is composed of a single layer of a highly durable membrane that is very easily installed and maintained. 

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What Are Some Benefits of PVC Roofing?


PVC roofs are resistant to moisture, fire, and chemicals which makes them very durable.

Energy Efficiency

PVC roofs reflect up to 90% of the sun’s rays which reduces the heat entering the building.

Low Maintenance

PVC roofs are easy to clean and do not require regular maintenance.

What Are the Benefits of TPO Roofing?

Energy Efficiency

TPO reflects heat when the weather is hot and absorbs heat when the weather is cold, so it can save you money all year long on heating and cooling costs. 

Strength and Durability

TPO is very flexible and resistant to mold, rot, and tears.


TPO is more affordable than many other commercial roofing options.  It’s also easy to install which keeps labor costs low. 

How Much Is A New Flat Roof Going to Cost Me?

The cost for a new flat roof in Texarkana will typically run you between $5,000 and $20,000 which comes out to around $3.00 to $10.00 per square. 

What is the Life Expectancy of Some Common Roofing Products?

Different roofing systems have very different life expectancies, but you can generally expect a typical, properly installed and maintained roof to last between 30-50 years.

Will Roofing Costs Go Down in 2023?

The unfortunate answer is no, roofing costs are not going to go down anytime soon.  The best thing you can do is find an option that strikes the right balance for your needs.

How Often Should My Roof Be Inspected?

Even brand new roofs should be expected at least once per year. Professional eyes can catch minor damage and red flags before they turn into major problems.

How Do I Maintain a Commercial Roof?

Commercial roof maintenance really is as simple as scheduling regular roof inspections.  Professional eyes on your roof at least once a year are the best way to keep your roof in good shape. 

What Can I Do On My End to Speed Up the Roofing Process?

When working with insurance, you should be sure to provide both the roofing company and insurance provider with all necessary information to speed up the process. 

Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?

The decision to repair or replace your roof will require professional eyes on the damage.  Some small areas of damage can be repaired and keep your roof strong for years to come, while other types of damage will require a full replacement.

Why Should I Hire Hostetler Roofing for My Commercial Project?

At Hostetler Roofing, we take pride in being the leading commercial roofing company in Texarkana and the surrounding areas.  We provide high-quality workmanship and award-winning service that area business owners can count on.