Disproving 5 Metal Roofing Myths

by | Jan 27, 2024 | Blog, Metal Roof Facts, Metal Roof Myths, Texarkana


Myths possess a fascinating ability to remain alive within society. Transmitted from one generation to the next, these shared beliefs frequently veil the truth, particularly in the context of metal roofing. These misconceptions have the potential to dissuade homeowners from exploring the numerous benefits associated with metal roofs. This article aims to debunk some misconceptions about metal roofing, shedding light on the facts that dispel these myths.


metal roof myths



MYTH #1: Metal roofs attract lightning strikes.

TRUTH:  A commonly held belief suggests that metal roofs attract lightning due to their conductivity. Contrary to this notion, lightning typically strikes the tallest object with a direct path to the ground in its proximity. Metal roofs, lacking grounding, do not inherently attract lightning more than roofs composed of alternative materials. Interestingly, metal roofing can offer a safety advantage in the event of a lightning strike, as it doesn’t combust like certain other roofing materials.

MYTH #2: Metal roofs are excessively hot and retain heat in summer.

TRUTH: There’s a misconception that metal roofs transform into blazing hot surfaces under the sun, but this phenomenon is not exclusive to metal roofing. Contemporary metal roofing integrates “cool roof” technology to effectively combat solar heat and UV rays. These cool roofs efficiently reflect a substantial amount of heat, ensuring a comfortable interior and minimizing the necessity for excessive air conditioning. Additionally, any heat absorbed by the metal roof dissipates swiftly as the sun sets. The color of the roof also influences heat absorption, with lighter hues absorbing less heat in comparison to darker ones.

MYTH #3: Metal roofing is expensive.

TRUTH: Indeed, metal roofing entails a greater initial expense in comparison with traditional asphalt roofing. Yet, it’s imperative to weigh the long-term advantages. The specific type of metal roofing selected can impact the cost, with standing seam roofing being pricier than corrugated metal. Despite the upfront investment, metal roofing boasts a nearly double lifespan compared to asphalt shingles, delivering enhanced durability and an extended life. In the long run, this renders metal roofing a more financially prudent choice.


metal roof myths, metal roof facts



MYTH #4: Metal roofs are prone to denting.

TRUTH: Contrary to the misbelief that metal roofs are susceptible to denting, they are constructed to exhibit high durability and resilience. The majority of metal roofing options come equipped with a Class 4 Impact Resistant rating, providing outstanding protection against hail and other potential impacts. Dents typically manifest only under extreme conditions, such as exceptionally large hailstones, typically exceeding the size of a golf ball.

MYTH #5: Metal roofing is susceptible to rusting.

TRUTH: There is a common belief that metal roofs are susceptible to rusting, posing a potential threat to their integrity. However, contemporary metal roofing undergoes treatment with protective coatings like a galvalume substrate and a painted finish, effectively diminishing oxidation and the formation of rust. Consequently, metal roofs are engineered to endure the elements and retain their aesthetic appeal for numerous decades. Many metal roofing manufacturers provide comprehensive warranties, assuring protection against rusting for well over two decades.

Opting for a metal roof for your Texarkana home proves to be a wise and reliable choice. Dispelling these prevalent myths empowers homeowners to make informed decisions regarding their roofing needs. Trust Hostetler Roofing, the leading metal roofing expert in Texarkana, is known for delivering top-quality products and impeccable installations.

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