DIY Roof Replacement vs Professional Roof Replacement

by | Nov 14, 2022 | Blog, Roof Replacement

Have you considered replacing your roof yourself? The term “DIY” is thrown around a lot today, in social media and in real life. You may be good with tools, knowledgeable in construction, and have a mountain of confidence on your shoulders, but have you weighed the pros and cons of DIY roofing? In this article, we will discuss DIY roofing and its pros and cons. 

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Pro: DIY roof replacement saves you money.

When you hire a Texarkana roofer, your contract price consists of three main categories: labor, materials, and disposal. If you perform the labor yourself, and dispose of materials yourself, you are only left to pay for the materials you use, which could cut your price in half. 

Con: There are many safety hazards to replacing your own roof.

Texarkana roofing professionals are trained to work safely in hazardous situations. Roofers are given a fall prevention course, which requires them to become fall protection certified. Nine times out of ten, the average homeowner is not fall prevention certified, and doesn’t know the ins and outs of roof safety. Falling off your roof could lead to serious injury and even death. Other hazards include injury from tools, sunburn, and falling through weak spots in the roof. 

Con: Any damage is on you.

When you hire a roofer in Texarkana, any damage they cause is their responsibility to fix. However, when you decide to do it yourself, you are taking responsibility for fixing any damage you cause to your property, and risking making any existing damage worse. 

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Con: You probably don’t know how to replace your roof. 

Roofing professionals perform the work you are considering day in and day out. A crew of roofing professionals could finish an entire shingle roof replacement in one to two days. They are fast, knowledgeable of roofing, and they are handy with the tools required. Hostetler Roofing guarantees quality and satisfactory roof replacement

DIY roof replacement is something that should not be taken lightly, but very seriously. Some people may be able to replace their own roof, where some may not. Roof replacement is something that should be done right the first time to avoid damage to the rest of your home. For more questions on booking a free inspection from a professional roofing company in Texarkana, give Hostetler Roofing a call.