How to Safely Hang Christmas Lights to Avoid Roof Damage

by | Dec 27, 2022 | ArkLaTex, Blog, Roof Repair

Hanging Christmas lights is one of the activities most Broken Bow homeowners look forward to throughout the holiday season. Whether you’re a first time homeowner, or a seasoned Christmas-light-hanging professional, hanging lights can cause roof damage if they’re not hung properly. Luckily, Hostetler Roofing has you covered. We’ve prepared a guide of do’s and don’ts when hanging Christmas lights this holiday season. 

Don’t nail anything to your roof.

Nailing and stapling lights to your roof can cause holes, which can cause leaking. However, nailing or stapling to your eaves (the wood edge of your roof) will not cause this problem. Avoid putting holes into shingles, because leaking can cause serious water damage to your roof, and even inside your home. 

Water damage, water leak

Don’t walk on your roof if you can avoid it.

Let’s be honest– not everyone has the balance and coordination to not fall off of a roof. And not every roof can withstand the weight of a human body. To increase your roof’s lifespan (and probably yours too), the best option is to put lights up from the ladder. If your roof is old, rotting, or sinking in any way, DO NOT walk on it. Instead, call a Broken Bow roofing professional to get your roof ready for all the festivities you have planned. Don’t let “decking the halls” deck your spinal cord. 

Consider swapping nails and staples for plastic clips.

There are several different types of clips that can give you the same sense of security that nails and staples can, without damaging or puncturing your roof. Clay tile roof clips are specifically designed for clay tile roofs, which is a unique roofing material. Eave clips are used to hang lights from the eaves of your roof, and are ideal for homes with asphalt shingle roofs. Ridge clips are designed for the peak of your roof. All three options are much safer for your shingle roof than nails and staples. 

If you do decide to get on your roof, be aware of any signs of roof failure.

To ensure that your roof holds these lights up until you’re ready to take them back down, check for all the signs of roof failure. Be aware of any moisture or sinking in the roof, as this is a sign of leaking. Also be aware of any broken or missing shingles. An ArkLaTex roofing contractor will notice most problems in your roof system before you do.

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