Style Guide: These Are the Most Popular Shingle Colors in Texarkana

by | Mar 14, 2023 | Blog, Curb Appeal, New Roof, Roof Color, Roof Replacement, Texarkana

Once you have decided on a new asphalt roof for your future, the next big step is to decide what color of roofing you want. There are many options, and you must be sure of your decision considering shingles can last up to 25 years with proper maintenance and care. Let’s explore the popular choices in Texarkana for 2023.

roof color, curb appeal, roof replacement, new roof, Texarkana

Light Brown Shades

Brown shingles are an excellent choice for a home with a traditional or rustic feel. Brown blends nicely with the woodsy landscaping and isn’t too flashy. 

Charcoal Gray

This is an excellent choice for those looking to add a dark, neutral color to their home. Charcoal gray does not clash with siding colors, and will not deter from the overall look of the home. 

Pewter Gray

This is a popular choice for shingles. It is soft and elegant in the gray shade which makes it look great on modern homes. 


Similar to the light brown shade, tan is slightly softer. The tan shingles are warm and inviting which works well with most siding colors.


Do you want your home to blend in with the natural surroundings? Perhaps green is for you. Some shades are forest green and emerald green. 

Light Blue

This color offers something a little different and more unique than the grays and browns. This offers a light airy appearance to the home.


Midnight black or oak black will set a statement and are for those looking for an edgy appearance. 

When it comes to installing your new roof, it is best to use a local roofing contractor. Here are some added benefits you will get from hiring locally. 


A local roofing company lives in the same weather conditions that you do. The same chilly air, the same heat wave, and the same mess to clean up after a hail storm. Their homes need to keep them safe, just like yours does! So, trust a local company that understands the struggles of the seasons.

Laws, permits, and rules

Effective January 1, 2022, to perform residential roofing in Texarkana, the company must be registered with the Residential Committee instead of a Home Improvement Roofing License, according to the Arkansas Contract Licensing Board. Other licenses may be needed as well to properly perform the work. Thankfully a local company understands everything that must be done to properly follow all laws. The “fly by night” storm-chasing contractors do not have all of the information or experience to properly follow the laws. Don’t get caught with additional fees because you chose to trust the wrong company.

roof color, curb appeal, roof replacement, new roof, Texarkana

Better Craftmanship

Working in the Texarkana area can have its challenges, but we seek to defeat these obstacles to provide the best products and services we can for you, our customers! Our installers are thoroughly trained and have exceptional customer service. This is what makes us stand out from our competition! We are not satisfied until you are! 

With over 39 years of experience in the roofing industry, Hostetler Roofing is here to help you with all of your asphalt roofing needs! We can help you narrow down the color choices to enhance your home, and display that beautiful curb appeal you desire. You can count on us to provide quality services rooted in honesty, integrity, and accountability. Call today to schedule a free inspection and discuss your roofing options! We look forward to working with you! (You might want to consider your exterior color combination, here is a guide for you!)